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Industry innovators leading the way with advanced acrylic fabrication capabilities

Putting clients at the heart of everything we do.

With extensive industry experience and an innovative forwardthinking approach, we are leading acrylic fabrication and manufacture specialists, dedicated to providing creative solutions to any brief, large or small, for any industry. State-of-the-art design technology and in-house fabrication facilities allow us to work alongside you to design, produce and fulfil solutions of the highest standards with market-best lead times.

No matter the stage of your journey, whether initial concepts, prototyping or manufacture, Harrison Manufacturing are on-hand to support you every step of the way
with completely bespoke solutions tailored specifically to you.

We work with
leading brands

We use state-of-the-art acrylic fabrication technology.

From design concepts to final touches, our wide range of acrylic fabrication services cover everything required to suit your brief. Still not sure what you need? Our experts are here to help you figure it out.

For fine details, intricate designs and precision finishes, our advanced laser cutters produce clean, high-gloss finishes for all acrylic applications.

With no tooling required, line bending and material forming techniques are highly effective options for achieving tight radius bends with acrylic sheets.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) ensures the highest standard of finish by using electro-mechanical devices to guide fabrication tools such as grinders and routers.

Using diamond polishing and flame polishing techniques, we can ensure that every acrylic solution has the smoothest, high-shine edges for maximum impact applications.

Our Recent Work

Working with a range of well-known brands across a multitude of industries, our team of experts are the industry-favoured provider of creating the highest quality acrylic fabrication solutions.

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